The cost of each project depends on the size and the number of items in each space.

For the average space (a bedroom, a living room, a large hall closet) prices range from $120-$200 dollars.

The kitchen or a large walk in master closet count as a “double space.”

Generally, we will spend one session decluttering and then a follow up session organizing. After we determine what you want to keep in each space, we will discuss how best to organize the items and whether I recommend purchasing particular systems for the space. I am happy to make purchases for you with your approval and just pass along the cost. My goal is not to “upsell” you on organizing supplies, but to create a functional space that is easy to maintain. (And aesthetically pleasing if that’s important to you.)

I can haul away donation items as well as garbage.

**If you prefer to declutter on your own, or would like to try a virtual organizing session, prices decrease to a range of $70-$140 for a space.