About me

Heeyyy!!! I’m Erica. I’m a professional home organizer and live in Lincoln, CA with my husband, two little kiddos, and our dog. This phase of life has been messy, chaotic, and so full of change I can hardly believe it. I’ll be honest: Motherhood knocked me on my a**.  Before kids, I was one of those Type A, overachiever types. I graduated valedictorian from high school, went to business school at UC Berkeley, and started a full time career as a CPA. Then I had my son. Holy hell.

A couple years later, my daughter joined the party too. I was working part time and raising two kids and I NEEDED a change. I needed more simple in my life. Simple changed everything.

Now I truly want to help other people simplify and live with intention. You should know up front, I’m not at all into judging people. Life’s hard y’all. We are all struggling in different ways. My life has gotten so much better with less stuff though. I’m 100% sure yours will too.