These are a few of my favorite (organizer) things…

Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite organizing products so far! While I consider myself a “minimalist”, I think the right organizer can really help you utilize your space effectively and make things easier to find.

These mDesign plastic storage bins from Amazon have handles and are stackable. I love that they are clear and their size. They fit perfectly inside most cabinets and you can use them in so many places. Refrigerator, spice cabinet, bathroom, pantry…You could even easily use them inside drawers.

These clear divided lazy susans are life changing. They pretty much make any space better. I use one in my cabinet for PAM, salt and pepper, baking soda, etc. This one is from the Container Store, but I have seen a similar one at Target from $14. It’s not on their website, so this is a good excuse to go to the store immediately.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, these are also super helpful. They come in different sizes on Amazon and you can also find similar ones at Target and Walmart.

This galvanized utensil holder from Walmart is such a great deal! It’s perfect for utensils, ketchup etc. for parties and BBQ’s. You can also use it to stash all your kids markers, crayons, etc. in one place.

These metal farmhouse style storage bins are super versatile and come in multiple sizes. I like bins that will look good in lots of different situations and can be purchased in multiples. I also like that these are see through because that’s really important in spaces like a pantry where you need to know what you have. Using bins helps keep like things together and keeps things from getting shoved into the dark recesses of a cabinet. If you can’t see it, you’ll probably never use it.

Chalkboard labels give you a great combination of keeping things organized while allowing room for change. These wipe off easily and a chalk marker makes them really easy to use. It might seem silly to label every bin in your house, but have you ever had someone “help” you put things away and everything was in the wrong spot? My husband still does this with the dishes. And we’ve lived here over a year. And literally every dish has a specific home. And still, things end up in weird places when he puts stuff away.

My advice for you if you are ready to organize your spaces is to stop and really try to envision what you want the space to look like. As a professional organizer, first I work with clients to declutter. Once we figure out what they want to keep, then we can plan how many baskets we need. Or where certain items will be the most easy to store and use. In the past, I would buy storage baskets at random without a plan. Sure, we can often find something to put in there, but I promise you a well-planned matching set with labels will serve you much better than any impulse buys. Organization is really about creating systems that make your life easier.