wedding dress shadow box.

After my wedding, I struggled for a while with what to do with my dress. Eventually I decided to have it cleaned and preserved. I do have a daughter now, and I want her to have that option if/when the time comes, but I also know she will likely want to choose something that’s completely her own.

Now I’ve been blessed with a walk in closet with ALL. THE SPACE. And I thought, what better way to glam up this space than to display my wedding dress in there.

I bought a gold framed 45 x 39 in painting on Facebook marketplace for $20. Then I bought two 8 ft pine board 1×4’s and a 1/4 in thick 4 ft x 4 ft piece of plywood from Home Depot. I cut the 1×4’s into 4 pieces to form a box equal to the size of the frame. I used pocket holes to attach the boards together and to the frame. (Check out a YouTube tutorial if you’ve never done this) Then I painted the frame and box first in a dark gray with chalk paint and then with a watered down white that I wiped off. I wanted it to look like old stonework.

I purchased the light blue linen fabric from Joann’s. After cutting the plywood to completely cover the back of the box from edge to edge (45 x 39), I used hot glue around the edges of the plywood to attach the fabric.

Next I took my wedding dress out of its box. Such a rush of memories! It was so beautiful to see again. I used safety pins to hold in place on the plywood without damaging the material. I carefully laid the glass framed box on top and flipped it over to attach the plywood back using 1 in screws.

Finally, I attached Rockler flush mount brackets to the back of the box and the wall and slid it into place. I love these hinges for mounting heavy objects.

Now my wedding dress isn’t just a random box taking up space in my closet anymore. I love getting to enjoy it every day while still being able to save it for the future!